Gary, Sr.

Business Owner, Author, Entrepreneur
& Investor/Real Estate Hard Money Lender

Jonathan Gary, Sr. a native of Tallahassee, FL. I am Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Investor, Socialite, Real Estate Professional, Community Activist and candidate for President of the United States (R) in the 2028 Presidential Election.

About me

Jonathan Gary, Sr. is a successful business owner, 5-time author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and investor. Jonathan was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, until he relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2010 in order to pursue and establish his professional goals.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix in 2008. He also obtained his Real Estate License in 2016, as both a means to invest and to help others achieve the “American Dream.” Jonathan is also a dedicated family man, happily married for nine years and with four beautiful children.

Jonathan and his wife created a halfway community housing project in 2014 that paved the way for the founding of the I-KARE Treatment Center. Their goal was to make a difference in their local community by offering help to adults suffering from substance abuse. Jonathan’s passion for helping others continued to manifest when he established Earth Florida in 2017, the largest CBD/Hemp Dispensary in the state.

The main goal of Earth Florida is to “restore lives through natural and pure remedies.” Jonathan specializes in applying his expertise and knowledge to help exceed the investment goals of his clients. Real estate has always been a desire of Jonathans, to help people become investors. With honesty and integrity, along with determination, Jonathan strives to apply these principles to his businesses. His background as a business owner for several business ventures has given Jonathan’s real estate business a high level of experience, leadership and professionalism. Jonathan’s personal mission statement is “My passion is real estate; my calling is to help people”.

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2017 to Present

CEO at Earth Florida Inc

2014 - Present

CEO at i-Kare Treatment Center

2013 - Present

CEO at Vulture Investment Firm LLC


Supporting Men In
Their Life Journey

Jonathan Gary, Sr. one of the missions is to help adult men learn how to become ‘better men’ in this new reality. We accomplish this by offering them opportunities to listen to speakers on a variety of topics; by providing advice on fatherhood and relationships; by organizing peer counseling services; and by extending additional help through ongoing support and guidance.

Jonathan S Gary – Supporting You Path to Greatness

For a Black business consultancy owner in West Palm Beach There’s no question in saying that the recent economic downturn has likely been especially tough. Black business still up to date suffer and fight with poverty and many other major issues.

Black business owners face a lot of hurdles and obstacles in their way especially when it comes to securing capital and commencing a business.

Jonathan Gary, Sr. is a successful entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and an investor. Jonathan was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, until he relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2010 in order to pursue and establish his professional goals with the prime purpose of helping adult men become better men. He is a small business consultant in Florida who provides consultancy, support and guidance by organizing various services and extending additional help.

Consultants can be an important tool for small businesses that can’t afford full-time employees all year round, they basically need a third party to solve a company issue, or want an expert to give advice and strategize.

Small business consultants give business owners advice on strategy, solving major problems, and developing additional skills. They also tend to come up with extra resources and lay out a plan to improve an organization’s performance and achieve their goals.

Generally, small business consultants will spot problems, implement solutions, and accomplish goals that will help you with your life journey and help make things a lot easier for you to handle.

Jonathan S Gary aims in helping adult men succeed and become better men and approach a better lifestyle. Whether you need help with Cocaine addiction, Heroin or drug addiction or Vulture investment, Vulture funding and earth Florida we have got you covered.

Our focus is finding areas where your business and specially you could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get it there.

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