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Jonathan Gary is the CEO of i-Kare Treatment Center.

Through this Gary has helped many people in solving their mental health problems like depression, addiction, anger ,anxiety ,PTSD and bipolar disorder. Following programs are offered

He owns a nonprofit business called¬† ” Manhood Mentorship” . This organization was created to assist men to become better fathers, community leaders, husbands, students, employees, entrepreneurs business owners, friends, and the like.

He maintains the CEO ship of Vulture investment firm where they purchase distressed securities, also commonly known as a vulture investment. This firm invests in debt considered to be very weak or in imminent default, known as distressed securities.

He works at “Vulture funding” .This business saw the necessities business visionaries had and how they found an answer: VULTURE FUNDING.Gary was devoted to improving the principles of short-term small business loans for the innovator in each one of us.This firm also see the needs that small business have and what have conspired against the flop businesses. Vulture funding gathered data and used it to maximum effect for betterment of small businesses.

Gary has another feather to his cap” Vulture Auction” that provides the opportunity for buyers to win properties
online and sellers to put their properties on auction online. Simple process find a property , make a proper offer and win the auction As a visionary man.

Gary’s company “Earth florida “is committed to making CBD accessible to all so that it can restore lives as a pure natural remedy. Regardless of the goal, Gary focuses her unwavering dedication to empower business to freely and smartly chase their greatest desires and goals with confidence and ease.

Jonathan Gary partners with outstanding foundations, church groups, youth programs, and the entrepreneurs. With books, newsletters, retail products, appearances, and countless online outlets as part of his growing empire, Gary is able to inspire over 100,000 people yearly and shows no signs of slowing down.